Bar coding of sample containers: all data within reach


With a unique bar code on the label of your sample packaging, you can link the sample directly to tasks, analysis results, locations or other data. LSI will gladly place a unique bar code on your sample packaging based on your requirements.


Benefits of bar codes

Bar coding your analysis sample offers a range of advantages. We have provided a list of some of them here:

  • Bar codes are much easier to read than handwritten information
  • Scanning and transferring the bar code for each process step prevents read and write errors
  • Thanks to the unique bar code, a sample can easily be traced whether in the laboratory or in storage
  • Bar codes guarantee faster and better logistical flow


Bar code registration system

Bar coding is essential in processing large numbers of samples. LSI works with an innovative bar code registration system. All the bar codes we apply are unique and checked for readability.